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Hitting the vagina jackpot

Tweet Goddamn, this woman likes vaginas! BadMimi, recently featured in The Chicago Tribune, has a whole website devoted to vagina-love. While the commandment-style genital adoration is a bit much (“Thou shalt love your Vagina deeply and with reverence”), the products are pretty bad-ass. So if you have a hankering to own a pussy pen or [...]
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Wage gap? What wage gap?

TweetOn Friday the Senate passed an amendment that would require the Bureau of Labor Statistics to continue gathering data on female workers. In August, the bureau removed questions about working women from its monthly survey of payroll and employment data. A brilliant move. If the government doesn’t collect data about women’s earnings, we can’t compare [...]
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Scalito: Beyond anti-choice

TweetIn addition to his indefensible opinion in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, Scalito’s record is chock-full of information that should make every woman in America shudder. Happy Halloween: Gender Discrimination Alito has ruled in favor of a plaintiff in a sex discrimination case only once. In most instances, Alito issued opinions that made it far more [...]
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Alito’s anti-choice record

TweetNARAL Pro-Choice America has just posted some seriously troubling info on Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, Jr. and his record on choice: Alito took pains to distant himself from the longstanding constitutional requirement that abortion restrictions must have exceptions when a woman’s health is in jeopardy. He did so when ruling on a law that [...]
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Dowd has no class

TweetNow, I didn’t like Maureen Dowd’s NY Times Magazine article for a number of reasons: Dowd’s assumption (once again) that feminism ended in back in the day, the reliance on dubious studies, and–as Amanda points out–Dowd’s seeming penchant to blame everyone and everything but patriarchal norms. But what really struck me about What’s a Modern [...]
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