Debbie banned from doing Dallas

A judge in Texas recently ordered a 17 year-old girl charged with using drugs to abstain from sex as a condition of her probation. You know, cause drug use and sex go hand in hand. (I wonder how this judge plans to enforce the ruling…weekly vagina checks?)
Apparently Judge Lauri Blake is known for being quite the hater–she has also banned tattoos, body piercings, earrings and clothing “associated with the drug culture” for those on probation and won’t allow lawyers in her courtroom to wear sleeveless shirts or show cleavage.
Sounds like someone needs a gavel removed from their ass.

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  • Stacy L Harp

    Sounds like this judge really cares about this kid to me. I’m not so sure that banning her from sex is necessarily legal, but if the kid does decide to abstain and get clean from drugs, then she won’t be getting pregnant and giving birth to a drug addicted baby. I think those results would be more tragic.
    I like your site by the way. :)

  • Dymaxion

    …because the ends always justify the means.

  • CaptDMO

    “Sounds like someone needs a gavel removed from their ass.”
    Indeed it does.
    Seems this judge has a clue between cause and effect, as well as a demand for respect of the judicial process.
    Did this minor girl have the opportunity to refuse the terms of her probation?

  • Kyra

    Just a gavel? You sure there isn’t a dead raccoon and a couple of baseball bats in need of removal as well?
    I REALLY hope the ACLU pounces on this one; the judge is *far* beyond her authority.
    Do sex offenders have to abstain from having sex when they’re on probation? If not, what the fuck was the judge thinking, and if so, what the fuck was the judge thinking? This girl has a drug problem, not a sex problem.
    Two things: I hope this rule only extends to sex with other people, and not masturbation, and secondly I hope this gets settled (in the girl’s favor) without the case becoming to high-profile, because otherwise a certain dumb fuck of a president might get the idea to nominate the judge here to the Supreme Court.
    It would be interesting to see how many loopholes there are in these probation terms. Does oral sex count as sex here? How about lesbian sex? And tattoos are out of the question, but what about designs painted on the skin? Henna?
    How precisely do they find out if she’s had sex?

  • tfreridge

    It’s an unenforcable term, except in hindsight (pregnancy or disease) but I believe the Judge has the best interest of the girl and community at heart here. If the girl can’t refrain from the same self destructive behaviors (we all know that sex and drugs DO go hand in hand for teens) that led her to court in the first place, then maybe some jail time is deserved.

  • Jessica

    *we all know that sex and drugs DO go hand in hand for teens*
    what the fuck? i don’t think that we all DO know this, t. i managed to have sex as a teen without hitting the crack pipe, as do many others. where are you getting this from?
    (not to mention it’s irrelevant–the point is about her privacy rights)

  • kate.d.

    my sister has a theory that everything truly weird happens in texas.
    what’s funny about this to me is what a show it is. it’s obviously unenforcable without denying this girl basic civil rights. so why bother? it’s like congress passing the “partial-birth” abortion ban, knowing that a similar law in nebraska was struck down as unconstitutional.
    it’s a bullying tactic. the purpose is to intimidate and debase, not actually govern or follow the law.