NOW condemns Robert’s confirmation.

Only 22 senators had the courage to stand up for women’s rights when it mattered. NOW applauds those senators who voted to reject this dangerous nominee, and it is unfortunate that the courageous actions of a few are overshadowed by the fall-in-line politics of so many more.
I guess I am finding myself banging my head against a wall as well.

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  • Jen

    It’s days like today that I really do *heart* New York, and maybe even Chuck Schumer.
    The latter’s a stretch, but…I do love me my NY senators today. :)

  • thetexastimesdude

    Hey, you don’t hafta do that. Nothing is gonna change, the regulations allowed after all the subsequent decisions since ’73 are as far as the laws went in most states when the court did RoevWade.
    Man, nobody fights with you guys over the right of a woman to do anything!
    Whatsa problem?