Do-gooders get credit for do-me calendar

Check out this article in the Charlotte Observer on the Philadelphia Eagles’ new “soft-porn” calendar of their cheerleaders with not much else on but their pompons. While the team has a long record of do-gooding, this new calendar has caught the team more attention than ever:
Coverage of the release of this calendar – cheerleaders cooing to radio talk-show hosts, lascivious TV segments, newspaper stories about the cover model – has outstripped (pardon the pun) coverage of all the positive things the Eagles do for the Philadelphia region.
Last year, the Eagles planted $100,000 worth of trees around Philadelphia public schools, because more trees mean cleaner air. There was barely a ripple in the local media.
Last season’s breast-cancer-awareness campaign speaks for itself. If you saw the pink Eagles hats and shirts, you know how effective it was.
The point is, this calendar stands in stark contrast to everything else the franchise seems to represent. The message it sends undermines the more important things the team accomplishes – both on the field and off.

Should we be surprised? Sigh.

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