Infuriating column on VAWA

Cathy Young at The Boston Globe talks about “Ending bias in domestic assault law.” And what bias is that? Oh, you know–the “radical feminist” agenda of stopping violence against women.
Apparently it’s the “women” part that irks Young:
But underneath its mainstream trappings, the 1994 bill was steeped in a radical feminism of the “men bad, women good” variety — an ideology which regards domestic abuse and rape as part of a collective male war against women. Ironically, the law’s political success was partly due to the fact this kind of feminism dovetails easily with a traditional, putting-women-on-a-pedestal paternalism.
Unfortunately, it also helped enshrine a dogmatic and one-sided approach to family violence. For one, while the legislation is ostensibly gender-neutral, its very title reflects the notion that partner abuse is a “women’s issue”…

Oh…fucking…please. I love the idea that merely pointing out that partner violence overwhelmingly affects women is “radical.” Not to mention, VAWA is about partner violence and sexual assault, a fact that Young conveniently omits. Read the whole thing, Young really fancies herself an expert on feminism.

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