Most disturbing thing ever: Christian album has singing fetus

A friend of mine heard about this on Howard Stern’s radio show yesterday. Truly terrifying.
Lil’ Markiea grown man who speaks and sings in a child’s voice scary enough for its own horror movie–put out an album that takes on a number of issues (horrible, horrible sins!). But it’s his gross-out hit, “Diary of an Unborn Child,” that shows the anti-choice movement’s true, certifiable colors.
I can’t even get into how creepy this thing is; you should listen for yourself. So you know what you’re getting into, the first line that the fetus sings is “Why did you kill me Mommy, when God made me special for you?” Nice, huh?
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  • norbizness

    This is not a new phenomenon; wuss-rock titans Seals & Crofts put out a song called “Unborn Child” in 1974 that was sung from the fetus’ point of view, with the chorus:
    “Mama stop! Turn around, go back, think it over.
    Now stop, turn around, go back, think it over.
    Stop, turn around, go back think it over.”
    I’m sure it was sublimely creepy.

  • alice

    wtf???? and what about the “blond hair and blue eyes?” how hitleresque is that???

  • ann

    This brought back memories of my Catholic high school, and having to watch a hilarious video starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas as the voice of an unborn fetus. He was represented as a glowing orb that flew around the clinic exam room while Young Girl in Crisis decided whether or not to have an abortion.
    I don’t remember exact quotes. I’m guessing one was not “Don’t kill me! I’m going to grow up to be a late-90s preteen heartthrob.”

  • jenpossible

    JTT?!! *swoon*

  • dr.. b.

    There is also the new rap song by Nick Cannon, “Can I Live?”. I keep thinking to myself, “Are these folks really thinking about the responsibilities of teen mothers (especially minority and poor ones) in the U.S?”. As my mom would say some of these folks just ain’t wrapped too tight!

  • EqualityNOW

    Ok, my boyfriend urged me not to listen to this song. I have an abortion when I was 17, and I still carry a little guilty about it. But I also think about how different my life would have been had I not made that difficult choice. I would have graduated from college, or be about to finish law school. I would not have live in NYC and been so ready to admit that, while I do feel some guilty about the abortion, I also came to the realization that God had forgiven me (no matter what the nuns at Catholic school taught us about it be an excommunicatable offense).
    So, I listened to the song, and I laughed. What a jerk off. I mean, I was pissed. MTV is airing this shit but they wouldn’t air Emenimem’s song where he was critical of Bush. What right right coporation own MTV now? As my boyfriend (of 6 years) has said, what the hell does a man know about carrying a child, deciding to have an abortion or giving birth.
    Finally, I must add that I have noticed in recent yars that pro-lifers are only concerned about life that is not yet soming into the world and those lives that are leaving this world. But support head start, or healthcare for children, or after school programs, HELL NO! In other words, they care about the not yet living and the dying, but fuck everyone else inbetween.

  • shmana

    Wow. I have to say, I did always imagine my fetus speaking in the whines of a pathetic ex. “I thought you really cared…” And, I appreciate “Markie”‘s clever device of casting his hero as blond/blue/BOY. It’s common knowledge that THOSE kinds of children are more highly valued than the rest, and a child of a different complexion or sex simply would not have fit the emotion-wrenching bill.
    And the little marimba accompaniment in the background, so soothing, so… hypnotic.

  • MikeBHP

    This guy lil Markie has been around awhile and is still around doing god knows what, but my friends and I made a parody video about this in 2003 and you can view it on our site. The song is pure ridiculousness in every sense of the word, so we decided to just make music video of a grown man aborted fetus. I don’t see how one goes to these lengths and think that people won’t consider him crazy before looking at his pro-life agenda, but sure enough, I’m quite sure people have been “touched” by this song. We actually offended some on our first viewing of this video we made by parodying it, but I think parodying a fetus when you’re a grown man is just plain offensive, but I guess he had “god” on his side. I would like to personally thank “god” for all the people like us who have parodied this song. As disturbing as it is and how strong an issue it is, it is important to be able to see it in a different perspectives and to still be able to laugh at times of utter shock.
    Posted by MikeBHP at July 8, 2005 05:48 PM

  • LAmom

    The Nick Cannon song is a little more personal than the other ones. Cannon really was born to a teen mom who almost got an abortion but changed her mind at the last minute.