Female troops dying on the front lines

More servicewomen have been killed in Iraq than in any other overseas action in the past 60 years. Good thing we’re keeping women soldiers safe and out of “combat positions,” eh?
Even though they are not assigned to ground combat units, 39 female soldiers have been killed in Iraq since March 2003. Four died and 11 were injured this weekend after an ambush in Fallujah. Military officials have said they believe the female troops may have been specifically targeted.
About 11,000 women are currently serving in Iraq. And even with the latest news that record numbers have given their lives in service to this country, some schmucks on the homefront are still focused on their baby-making capabilities.
Take it from Lemoyne Sanders of Jacksonville, NC, whose wife is a field medical corpsman in the Navy:
“You’ll never get a woman to be as physically strong as a man,” he said, adding: “Women get pregnant. It’s just different.”
Men die in combat. Women die in combat. I don’t see how a uterus makes any difference.

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