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Maternity leave, here I come

TweetThe Equal Opportunities Commission recently found that one million pregnant women in the UK will face discrimination at work within the next five years, reports Reuters. As we already know that 30,000 pregnant women lose their job every year, 200,000 (almost half of all pregnant women) face some sort of discrimination, including bullying, sacking and [...]
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These boots are made for walking…and grinding?

Tweet<img src="" . From The New York Post gossip section: A Christian group calling itself “The Resistance” wants Jessica Simpson to apologize for her “slutty” video of “These Boots are Made for Walking” and re-shoot a clean version. The group objects to Simpson’s racy antics in the vid, especially because her father was a pastor [...]
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Check out…

Tweet…The Nation on emergency contraception: Plan B for Plan B. It’s a good background piece on all the FDA/Barr Pharmaceuticals craziness that–as we all know–ended up screwing women out of EC over-the-counter. And of course an article on EC wouldn’t be complete without a mention of everyone’s favorite rapist, W. David Hager: As The Nation [...]
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Gots to Love Walmart

TweetWe’ve reported a lot on Walmart over the last year (mostly because they’ve done a lot of sexist shit). Here’s a little cherry on that cake for you: Womens E-News ran a great story yesterday about Walmart’s struggle to break out of its rural, Christian mold and expand into urban areas. Turns out, their discriminatory [...]
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TweetDon’t you love those mornings where you’re driving to work, minding your own business, and are confronted with a lovely billboard for Newcastle Beer reading: NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE: Not Heavy, Never Bitter. Can you date a beer? Ugggghhhhhhh. I’m thinking of sending this to Ms.’s “No Comment” page. Anyone else seen some sexist gems lately? [...]
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