Bush rejects compromise on Stem Cell Research

The Washington Post reports that President Bush vows to veto the compromise that key Republicans have created to prevent a showdown in Washington.
House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier (R-Calif.), who has an antiabortion voting record, said he talked with Nancy Reagan about finding “some kind of middle ground.” On Tuesday, he joined 49 other House Republicans to pass a bill that would repeal the limits Bush imposed when he announced the first federal funding for stem cell research in 2001.
“We very much want to be able to work with the president and see if there could be some kind of agreement,” Dreier said. “I don’t want the president to be in a position where he has to veto this. We want to lower the temperature and not be confrontational, so we can figure out a way for the research to go ahead.”

Bush’s response, “The Congress has made its position clear, and I’ve made my position clear,” Bush said. “I will be vetoing the bill they send to me if it were to pass the United States Senate.”
The White House did not embrace the search for a compromise. Spokesman Trent Duffy said Bush has drawn “a very bright line that taxpayer dollars should not be used to destroy life,” and said it “would be difficult to blur that line” with a middle-ground proposal.
Using tax payer dollars to destroy life?! This shit has gone too far…Any thoughts?
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  • http://exit_chrysalis.livejournal.com Meredith

    Well, the stem cell research issue hits very close to home for me. My boyfriend has very severe Type I diabetes (he’s on an insulin pump, and even still, his blood sugar levels fluctuate like crazy) and personally, I think it’s bullshit that hundreds of thousands of embryos lie discarded and unused, frozen, when they could be used to find cures for all the ACTUAL LIVING PEOPLE like Matt and everyone else who suffers from diabetes, Parkinson’s, etc. I think it’s “destroying life” doubly to both ignore the presence of these (unwanted!) embryos and to ignore the plight of people who suffer and die from diseases and syndromes that might be cured or at least improved. I hope (though I know it’s pretty futile) that Bush has a change of heart, or, failing that, that our next president is able to help rush through legislation to follow PUBLIC OPINION, which is that the majority are okay with stem cell research when it uses otherwise discarded embryos. (Though, personally, I’m okay with stem cell research using cloned cells, etc.)