Women soldiers: We’re already seeing combat

From USA Today:
Last month, a striking photo of a 25-year-old soldier named Dawn Halfaker appeared on the front page of USA TODAY. Lt. Halfaker was wearing an Army T-shirt and was missing her right arm, the result of a rocket-propelled grenade slamming into her armored Humvee in Iraq.
Reaction to the photo was muted. No campaigns to pull women out of combat zones. Just supportive letters noting the sacrifice made by Halfaker and other women in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Now, some members of Congress seem determined to “protect” Halfaker and other women in the military. The lawmakers are challenging Army policies that have placed thousands of women in war zones where front and rear lines are murky.
…As Halfaker matter-of-factly told USA TODAY reporter Dave Moniz: “Women in combat is not really an issue. It is happening.”

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  • Ron O

    So that’s where I saw that picture. I googled it, but couldn’t find it. It affected me and I’ve been thinking about it since this issue came up. I don’t see how you can look at that picture and think women aren’t capable of combat. She’s been promoted to Captain too. She must be a smart and capable 25 year old.

  • tfreridge

    Definately. The argument that all women just aren’t capable is BS. Same thing with gays. I’ve served with both gay men and woman and it had no effect on their job performance. The people that knew just took it in stride because no one made a big deal about it. Same thing with women. The only problem with woman in combat is the numbers game. The attrition rate is way higher. Thats why certain ratings have ceased actively recruiting women. They can’t afford to. But we’re only talking about certain high investment, high tech, long school ratings.

  • stephen

    It is not a cause for celebration that the same number of female as male lives or limbs can be lost in pointless conflicts.

  • GamesOnline

    The people that knew just took it in stride because no one made a big deal about it. Same thing with women.free online games