Erica Jong calls out Laura

Erica Jong tears into First Lady Laura Bush and her Middle East visit at The Huffington Post. It’s pretty scathing on its own, so I don’t feel the need to add on:
Now that Laura Bush is back from the Middle East and can take off her black scarf, it’s time to ask why she is promoting freedom for women in the Middle East when the rights of American women are being systemically eroded by her husband’s initiatives. Is it the same reason why her husband promotes democracy abroad while the Patriot Act and the suspension of the Geneva Convention dilute democracy at home? Is wearing the headscarf the last refuge of a desperate housewife? Of course women in the Middle East need the vote, an end to domestic violence and free access to contraception. But so do we. Odd that it is always easier to proselytize for feminism abroad while ignoring deteriorating womens’ rights at home.
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