Teens in Montana told that condoms cause cancer

The students at Montana’s Bozeman High School’s got the shock of their lives when speaker Tina Marie Holewinski came to speak—it turns out that condoms cause cancer and STIs can be transmitted through skin contact!
Holewinski, a speaker for organization True Lies (nice name), also told students that birth control pills are only 20 percent effective, and cause cervical cancer and sterility. And of course she mentioned that if they stopped screwing, they could be virgins again. By the way, she was paid $1500 for relaying these gems.
What’s truly terrifying is that this talk completely contradicts the school’s existing comprehensive sex ed program. So even if your kid is lucky enough to go to a school where misinformation-laden abstinence only education isn’t taught, you still have to worry about crazy-ass speakers.
Thanks to Allyson for the story.

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