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Girls Gone Wild…on EC

TweetIn other choice/teen news: make sure to check out The New Republic’s article on all the recent brouhaha surrounding emergency contraception, Morning-After Sickness. Outside of discussing legislative threats, author Jonathan Cohn also takes on the fear of teen sex that seems to be behind much of the opposition to EC: The other serious argument against [...]
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Florida blocks teen’s abortion

TweetFrom the Associated Press: The state’s social services agency was granted a court order to block an abortion for a pregnant 13-year-old girl living in a state shelter, prompting an emergency appeal Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union. …The girl learned she was pregnant two weeks ago and planned to have an abortion Tuesday. [...]
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Rite of passage

TweetThis recent article from the Newark (NJ) Star-Ledger about adolescent gynecology made me think about how this issue is largely left out of the discussion on teen sexuality. The first visit is described as a “gynecological encounter,” which doesn’t include a full pelvic exam, but allows teenage girls to start a dialogue with their OB/GYN. [...]
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Ho’s Up, G’s Down???

TweetMy friend Gary recently sent me an article from the Wall Street Journal. (He knows just how to please me). The article is called “Girl Power as Boy Bashing: Evaluating the Latest Twist In the War of the Sexes,” and before reading the piece, I groaned. I hate when people attribute things like cuts to [...]
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Back Alley Abortions cause for many young fatalities in Kenya

TweetDag this is crazy. Doctors say Kenya’s strict abortion laws have forced thousands of women and girls to the backstreets where charlatans use all manner of sharp instruments — metal wires, knitting needles, forceps — to penetrate the womb and kill the foetus. The picture is amplified across sub-Saharan Africa where 30,000 women die each [...]
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