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Alas, we’re late…

TweetIn giving props to Alas, a Blog’s Ampersand. Always on top of shit, Ampersand called out Peek (Alternet’s blog) on their blogroll’s lack of women. Peek responded by adding seven blogs by women. Well done! And break out the liquor—a tremendous congrats to Amanda at Mouse Words for winning the Koufax award for Best New [...]
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Kansas Attorney General seeks women’s private medical records

TweetLooks like Kansas is taking cues from former Attorney General John Ashcroft. Kansas AG Phill Kline is seeking the medical records of almost 90 women who received abortions. WHAT?! Kline apparently is looking for evidence of a crime under late-term abortion laws. The records he’s looking to get would include every patient’s name, medical history, [...]
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Mommy dearest

TweetI don’t know if anyone has been following the recent Judith Warner buzz, but I’m curious to know what folks think. (Warner’s book, “Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety,” says moms are going nuts trying to be perfect.) To me it reeks of the Lisa Belkin “Opt-Out Revolution” silliness from a while back [...]
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Towards a Safe Space

TweetWe started Feministing to provide a forum to critically analyze and discuss issues that young women and feminists care about. Yet, as our web traffic has grown, we’ve had less critical discussion on the site. Whether it’s the never-ending stream of comment spam *or* the assholes that think that it’s okay to appropriate feminist space [...]
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Check out…

TweetLiberalOasis’ post yesterday, How Bush Could Protect Iraqi Women, But Won’t. I love that the piece calls on Bush to ratify CEDAW (aka the Women’s Treaty). The US is the only industrialized nation not to sign on to CEDAW, and our unwillingness to ratify puts us in the company of oh-so-woman-friendly countries like Iran, Sudan, [...]
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