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A Continuing Injustice is Addressed in Mexico

Tweet As an update to our previous posts concerning the hundreds of young women who have been killed over the past decade in Ciudad Juarez, I was happy to see that the United Nations has finally begun to recognize the horror that this city has endured. It was reported by Reuters that last Thursday, a [...]
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Vulva madness

Tweet Something to check out if you’re feeling particularly vaginal today: The Online Vulva Museum. I shit you not. Founder Kirsten says she is “continually saddened to see the widespread disrespect that is displayed towards women’s genitals in most cultures and is offering this website as an alternative…” Sounds good to me. Though I have [...]
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Dumbest move ever

TweetA New Hampshire judge was suspended for groping five women at a conference on sexual assault and domestic violence. (He later resigned.) Nice move, asshole. Tweet
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The Thong-O-Mat

Tweet Too funny. A German woman has created a thong dispenser in bar bathrooms for all the ladies who get caught out there wearing granny panties right before a potential hook-up. For around $8, you can get a thong and a “toothpaste tablet” (can’t have the stinky breath…) to make your night complete. Innovative or [...]
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Feministing’s comment policy

TweetThe gals over at Feministing are pleased as punch that we’ve been getting so many comments lately—the whole purpose of starting this site was to foster an open dialogue among young women. Unfortunately, the increase in traffic we’ve had recently has also brought out some folks who are less than polite about their opposition to [...]
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