UPDATE: Blogs force Cosgrove to withdraw disturbing miscarriage bill

Wow! After the story of Virginia Delegate John Cosgrove’s bill requiring women who miscarry to report the occurrence to a local law enforcement agency (or go to jail!) spread through the blogosphere, the outcry was so intense that he withdrew the bill!
From the Augusta Free Press:
“I’ve elected to withdraw HB 1677 from consideration by the General Assembly this year. The language is just too confusing…”
Cosgrove’s surprise move came after a firestorm of controversy spread across the World Wide Web over the weekend about the possible far-reaching effects of the measure.

Cosgrove was clearly shaken over the response his bill generated:
“I’ve never been blogged before. The tone of the e-mails has been disgusting.I was absolutely mistreated on this.
He was mistreated? What about the women who would have been affected by his fucking bizarre bill? I’d say they would have been a lot worse off than “mistreated!” Sorry if I can’t muster up any sympathy.

Via Daily Kos.

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