Illegal abortions kill one in four pregnant women in Gabon

Now this is some seriously disturbing news. Reuters (through Integrated Regional Information Networks) reported today that in Gabon, illegal abortion killed more than 25 percent of pregnant women in 2001. It was also reported that many of these women were teenagers.
Abortion is illegal in Gabon, unless the life of the woman is in danger. I would say that more than one in four pregnant women dying counts as lives being in dager, wouln’t you?

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  1. NancyP
    Posted December 27, 2004 at 4:36 pm | Permalink

    A public health/epidemiology comment. You have it slightly wrong. One in four maternal deaths are related to illegal abortion, which is about the usual ratio for those countries in which abortions are illegal. Your original statement in the blogpost could be construed as meaning “one in four pregnant women died of illegal abortion”. Not mentioned in the article is the possible role of abortion, performed by non-medical personnel under non-sterile conditions, in the spread of HIV. Even if legalized, medical personnel in some developing countries don’t always adhere to the proper HIV precautions, due to lack of resources or lack of education or just plain hopelessness.
    From original article: “The survey, released last week, showed back street abortions caused 28.8 percent of pregnancy-related deaths in 2001. They accounted for 110 of the 407 fatal complications that arose during registered pregnancies that year.”

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  4. susanb
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