Fuck the Homeless, Ye Shall Have Fake Tits!

It looks like the conservative radio giant, Clear Channel Communications, has shifted their focus from their pro-war antics to another target: insecure young women.
Titling their new enhancement program, “The Breast Christmas Ever”, they are running a number of contests on their radio stations where young women send in letters and pictures, hoping to be the lucky winner to get breast implants for the holiday, reports CBS News. The listeners vote, ultimately deciding which woman “deserves” it the most. They apparently claim it a “noble cosmetic self-help exercise” that saves young women’s self-esteem. Give me a fucking break.
The contests also require the lucky winners to send in “before and after” pictures of themselves (one station insisted they be topless), as well as sign a liability release that frees Clear Channel, their radio stations and the plastic surgeons of any future problems with their implants. So not only are they promoting sexist and voyeurist ideas, but potentially putting women’s health in danger.
Don’t you just love the holidays?
To take action against this ridiculously degrading shit, here are some contacts:
Clear Channel:
Mark Mays, President and Chief Executive Officer
Or if any of y’all live in these areas, you can call individual stations:
Radio Stations:
95.5 WKQI FM Detroit, MI
97.9 KISS FM Jacksonville, FL
Z107.7 FM St Louis, MO
93.3 WFLZ FM Tampa, FL

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  • http://thewelltimedperiod.blogspot.com ema

    Ha, and my interview on a Midwestern public radio affiliate was recently cancelled at the request of the station manager [the show's host, a very nice woman wanted to do it] because talking about period-related health issues was considered too icky (too many “terrible” comments from listeners about a past segment on topic).
    Fortunately, as long as station crews get to see topless pictures of women, the women’s repro health is all taken care of.

  • anonymous

    If this is so degrading then why are women choosing to do it? Because they want to.
    Also, if the women have been informed that their are side effects then it really is their fault for getting the implants, because they knew about the side effects and chose to ignore that information and get the breast implants, however they knew they were getting breast implants with side-effects. To address the issue where it says breast-implants where it says that the FDA is responsible for not banning silicone-jelly breats-implants, it was actually banned in 1992. So in the article thier is a contradiction in the information.
    The issue of side effects with breast-implants, its a product and its not perfect, it probably never will be.
    If you want breast enlargements, genetic alterations would be the best way to go in my opinion.
    The women who get breast-implants choose to accept the risks of having said cosmetic surgery.
    There is not really much of an issue of any concern here.
    The technique for achieving breast augmentations is a crude one. As I said it would best be done by genetic alterations.

  • Anonymous

    Another note, the program is not degrading to women, the women who choose to participate in the program are degrading themselves by actively participating in the program. On another note maybe they don’t think it is degrading like you do. Maybe you should open your mind a bit more.

  • Verlox

    I like fake breasts! I wish my all my wives would pay for their own fake set! I’d love it! Looks like I need to make some money!

  • eva

    i reckon this subject warrants such lame responses because it is so tricky – but to sum up – yeah, the program is degrading to women, i feel degraded sitting all the way over here in scandinavia. This stupid show involves a lot more people than justthe hapless women participating, namely all the viewers. And i think this show sends some kind of message about women and our role in this society, and i don’t ´like that message. THAT is why this show sucks.

  • http://entivore.xepher.net Entivore

    Don’t shoot the messanger. It’s the duty of every adult in society to choose which messages they accept and which they do not. I think it’s very telling that people think it is “degrading.” Is their sense of worth so pathetically fragile; Can it be toppled simply by seeing other people going to great lengths to look good?
    You don’t hear men whining that when a man risks life and limb on the job to look good financially, it is degrading to them, and sends them a message about their role in a society.
    Seriously, grow up

  • anonymous

    Theres nothing to confuse about it, the only person who is confused is you. Your not participating in it, so if your feeling degraded, maybe you’ve just been degrading yourself all your life. Maybe you should look inside that head of yours for once instead of blaming everything else on the world outside of your head that you seem so terribly confused about.

  • anonymous

    Okay, this is what I have to say about this. First and foremost, this program that you deemed “NEW” has been going on for over 10 years. There has yet been one comment ever made to anyone about this issue. As far as it being degrading, over 90,000 women chose to enter this contest on their own. What about all the women who don’t enter contests to get plastic surgery, are they being degraded too? It was their choice to enter, their choice to have the procedure and it’s their risk. It is no different than if you were to have other elective surgery, including a Nose Job, Lyposuction, FaceLift, etc. The typical breast enhancement is less invasive and more safe than the three I listed. How can you say its degrading.
    Also, the National Organization for Women who brought this issue to light, who claim to be Pro-Choice, are getting involved where they shouldn’t. When are organizations like this going to stop intervening in the personal lives of women and men and start spending more time in researching and helping people survive diseases that kill like breast cancer, leukemia, aids, etc? This is just another blind attempt for this organization and others like it to get their name in the media because they are failing miserably in other areas. Can you honestly tell me that if one of those women in that organization wouldn’t have plastic surgery if it were given to them for free? What if one of them needed a breast enhancement procedure to improve their look after breast cancer and a mastectomy? Do you think they would turn down the opportunity to have that paid for by someone else? I think not.
    This whole deal is rediculous and should have never been brought up in the first place. If you are going to post something on your website, make sure you gets your facts straight first.

  • jhalisa

    This is a very sensitive topic because the women who have participated in this contest probably don’t think that its degrading. Yet what persuade them to do so is because its a “trend” that women in today society are trying to keep up with. Celebrity also influence this because many women look up to them and is constantly imatating them. Women degrading themselves is like a new culture and its SAD!!!