Bush’s last ditch effort for women’s votes

From the Sun Sentinel in south Fla.—most disturbing opening paragraph of an article, ever:
First daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush came to Miami on Monday with a new twist on a familiar plea: vote for my dad because he has been good to women.
Yeah, Bush has been great for women. He takes those pesky reproductive rights off your hands, and makes sure that you’re not bothered by the annoyance of things like equal pay and affordable child care. Cause who needs those bothers?!
Jenna went on to say that her dad “is open-minded…He also listens to us and gives us room to develop our own ideas and opinions.” But not your own choices, Jenna. Those are for the men-folk to decide, silly!
Are we really supposed to buy this crap?

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  • http://idontfeelsogood.blogspot.com/ ms. jared

    gag me.
    i can’t wait until tuesday when we have a new president and a new lease on life. and an AWESOME first lady in the house! yay!
    xoxo, jared
    (p.s. sinister girls moved to http://www.muff.ws)

  • Jessica

    jared, i am sooo jealous of your optimism, though it is catching…
    and congrats on the new sinister girls home…

  • http://www.wewintheylose.blogspot.com Mark

    Guess you’re not too bothered by the fact that a woman’s right to choose kills a substantial number of girls before they are ever born.
    Just out of curiosity, (I think I know the answer) where do you come down on an abortion chosen solely because the unborn child is female? OK or not OK?

  • http://www.underlevel.net/philclub Yarden Katz

    What’s more unbelievable, this nonsense from Jenna or Cheney’s daughter urging the LGBT community to vote for her daddy’s crew?
    Sigh, there’s no end to this.