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Happy Halloween from the Hate-Mongers on the Right

TweetDo you ever wonder what hate-monger evangelicals do on Halloween? Apparently, they have turned it into a tool for proselytizing… This year, for the 33rd year, students at Jerry Falwell’s “Liberty” University (it is an accredited institution…but I think the quotation marks are appropriate) put on a show called “Scaremare”, an elaborate performance described by [...]
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A Walk Down the Aisle to Republicanville?

TweetIn Ruth Rosen’s latest piece for The Nation, she discusses Women Really On Their Own–i.e. single women voters. While it has effectively been drilled into our heads that 22 million single women didn’t vote in the last election, Rosen explores the impact that “single” status is having on the vote. Her conclusion–“Memo to politicians and [...]
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Happy Halloween! A Feministing costume contest…

TweetSo in the spirit of the holiday, Feministing wants to see your best efforts at feminist and/or political costumes. Send your pics to me, and we’ll feature the best ones on the site on Monday. Usually I go with a birthday-themed costume (I’ll be officially in my late 20s the day after Halloween…now that’s scary!), [...]
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When Republicans and Domestic Violence collide

TweetFreaky shit. This past Tuesday, an 18 year-old Marine recruit in Florida threatened to stab his girlfriend because she was voting for John Kerry. Sounds like a reasonable guy. Apparently Steven Scott Soper (maybe it was all the alliteration that put him over the edge…) went nutty when his girlfriend told him that not only [...]
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Old & New v. Bush

TweetWas anyone in Pittsburgh on the 27th? Turns out Gloria Steinem introduced Le Tigre’s show at Mr. Small’s Theatre. Steinem discussed the political process, especially the importance of voting in the upcoming election. It’s amazing that Steinem, second-wave extraordinaire, recognizes the influence music (Le Tigre, Ani Difranco, etc.) has on third wave women. “The ability [...]
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