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My candidate’s better than youuurs!

TweetIt looks like the League of Women Voters have created a randy new program that has a great potential to mobilize young people to vote — when they turn 18, that is! The News Review reports. The League of Women Voters of Oregon are seeking high schools and middle schools across the country to participate [...]
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Decriminalizing Prostitution in Cali?

TweetThere was a great article on Women’s eNews yesterday about voters in Berkeley, California that are considering the possibility of decriminalizing prostitution, which would greatly increase social services to the prostitutes in the city. Many people, however, consider it even more of a risk and claim that the measure would only give more business to [...]
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Stifling the Youth Vote?

TweetEveryone’s always screaming about young Americans’ political apathy and our inability to make it to the polls. But what about election officials—instead of supporting youth participation—try and make it more difficult for us to vote? The NY Times reported in an op-ed yesterday about the recent trend of discouraging student voters from registering in their [...]
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Feminism is sooo last year

TweetAccording to a new book, young women want nothing to do with feminism or politics. Here we go again… “The F-Word: Feminism in Jeopardy—Women, Politics and the Future,” says that young women today don’t want to be labeled by their political beliefs, especially by being called a feminist. A Seattle Times review of the book [...]
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Justice Dept. to appeal Nebraska ruling on “partial-birth” abortion

TweetIn a not-so-shocking move, the Justice Department said yesterday that it will appeal the Nebraska ruling which struck down the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf declared the ban unconstitutional earlier his month, following similar rulings by federal courts in New York and San Francisco. As predicted by NARAL interim President Elizabeth [...]
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