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Gaga for good works

TweetThere has been no shortage of analysis of Lady Gaga on this blog and so many others. From the meat dress, to the egg crackin’, to, well, to everything disappointing, performative, and courageous about her–she gets folks talking. I could not be happier that her latest gimmick is actually not really a gimmick at all. [...]
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Quick Hit: Protests continue in Egypt.

TweetI am sifting through the mountains of coverage on protests in Egypt right now and came across this picture and had to share. And appropriately captioned by Jamia Wilson on Facebook with a Jimi Hendrix quote, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” via the Atlantic tumblr. [...]
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DC event: We are the Champions!

Tweet Choice USA, a youth reproductive justice organization that’s also my full time employer, is putting on a kick ass event in Washington, DC on January 20. Six young reproductive justice leaders will do battle (the verbal kind) in three rounds of knock down, drag out fighting (or probably mostly peaceful exchanges, but I’m rooting [...]
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New study on young people and STDs shows how sex negativity is detrimental to your health

TweetA new study, released early this week, found that 10% of young people who tested positive for one of three common STDs—chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis—claimed they had abstained from sex (defined as vaginal intercourse) in the last 12 months. Although the researchers do point out that some of the youth could have simply forgotten they’d [...]
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Breaking news on Bloomberg hypocrisy

TweetPerez reported on Bloomberg’s appaling hypocrisy yesterday–making his own “It Gets Better” video while also cutting funding for queer and homeless youth services here in New York City almost simultaneously. Well lo and behold, Bloomberg appears to have seen the error of his ways. This morning, according to the Ali Forney Center, City Council Speaker [...]
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