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No, California’s new affirmative consent law will not redefine most sex as rape

TweetRape is when you have sex with someone who doesn’t want to have sex with you. I feel compelled to offer that reminder because after reading Jonathan Chait’s dire warning about California colleges’ “radical” new affirmative consent standard, you might find yourself confused. He claims that the new law will legally redefine “most, and possibly [...]
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No, California’s new affirmative consent law doesn’t expand the carceral state

Tweet This week, as many advocates cheered California’s passage of its new “yes means yes” law, gender studies professor Laurie Essig published a critique on The Chronicle‘s blog. I share her skepticism of carceral feminisms that place false and violent hope in the criminal justice system to deliver gender justice, but she is wrong to condemn [...]
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California now has the nation’s first “affirmative consent” law

Tweet We’re giving a very enthusiastic “hell yes” to this news. The so-called “yes means yes” bill passed by the California state legislature last month, which establishes a standard of affirmative consent on college campuses in the state, has been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.  Gov. Jerry Brown announced Sunday that he has signed a bill [...]
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Quick Hit: How to not be Trent Mays

TweetOne of the strangest things I encounter in anti-violence work is the number of people (usually young men) who are desperately afraid that, if we start really cracking down on rape, they will end up in jail. Their concern doesn’t seem to be that they’ve already raped someone, but that they might in the future [...]
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Affirmative consent is hot

Tweet Yes Means Yes gets the Feminist Ryan Gosling treatment. He can ask me for consent any day. Tweet
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