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The limits of a WOC feminist stance within the context of global racism.

TweetA few days ago I was stuck in the airport and luckily caught Mona Eltahawy debating blogger Hebah Ahmed on Elliot Spitzer’s show on CNN “In the Arena” about the ban on face veils in France, piety, feminism and xenophobia. It is worth a watch because they both make really good points and also because [...]
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Agency is easily overlooked if you actively erase it

TweetVia Muslimah Media Watch comes a lesson in how not to advocate for women’s rights. This ad is from Germany’s International Human Rights campaign. The text translates to: “Oppressed women are easily overlooked. Please support us in the fight for their rights.” As Jos wrote the other day about France’s ban on the full face [...]
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French veil ban goes into effect

TweetFrance’s ban on the full face veil went into effect yesterday. The ban on veils, specifically the burqa or niqab, is framed generally but is clearly designed to target Muslim women. Yes, New York Times, the ban targets Islam for cultural exclusion in general, but let’s not pretend there isn’t a specific lived, gendered reality [...]
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What is wrong with people? Hate speech edition

Tweet*Trigger warning* Some news days seriously make me question my faith in humanity. Last week Chloe posted about just such a day, and again today there are just too many stories about people being hateful and heartless. First, there’s the inhuman responses from some to the devastating tsunami and now nuclear disaster in Japan. A [...]
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CAIR launches ads in response to anti-Muslim attacks

TweetThe Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is launching as series of ads in response to the anti-Muslim hatred and misinformation that’s being spread around the “mosque” controversy. The Upshot highlights a number of other initiatives by other Muslim-American groups in efforts to counter the xenophobia and racism that’s resulted because of the right-wing hoopla around [...]
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