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Photo Essay: Malaysian Muslim women with and without their hijabs

Tweet In my *spare* time (LOL), I edit the online literary magazine Union Station, which features fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and photo essays from emerging artists. One of my favorite essays is this one featuring Malaysian Muslim women with and without their hijabs by photographer Francisco Guerrero that we published in 2011.  Tweet
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Immigration and Women This Week: Mixed Emotions

TweetEd. note: This is a guest post by Juliana Britto Schwartz. By day, Juliana is a student at University of California, Santa Cruz. By night, she is a Latina feminist blogger at Julianabritto.com, where she writes about reproductive health justice, immigration, and feminist movements in Latin America.   In case you missed it, the news on what it was [...]
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Horrible thing for today: How to catch an “illegal”

Tweet A taco shop in South Carolina has employees wearing a t-shirt that says, “how to catch an illegal immigrant” with a picture of some taco’s under a trap. It get’s worse–they defended themselves, As most tax paying Americans, we do believe ILLEGAL immigrants are taxing the system we support and live under, thereby, causing [...]
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The geography of hate and want

Tweet Richard Florida, famed urbanist, has interesting analysis over at The Atlantic of the rise of hate groups in the last ten years. He writes: Since 2000, the number of organized hate groups — from white nationalists, neo-Nazis and racist skinheads to border vigilantes and black separatist organizations — has climbed by more than 50 [...]
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Quick Hit: Shame on Georgia.

TweetWe knew it was coming, but yesterday the Georgia state legislature passed a copy cat bill to SB 1070 in Arizona that allows police to interrogate any one they suspect may not have immigration papers. via Colorlines. The 11th hour vote came amid mounting pressure from a diverse coalition to kill the bill. In the [...]
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