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Mitt Romney wants the economy to fail

TweetPresumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is a real debbie downer.  Romney’s entire economic message is centered around his career at Bain Capital (which has serious issues) and not so much his actual record as Governor of Massachusetts (because he has serious issues in his record).  Now it turns out that he wants the American economy to do [...]
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Quick Hit: Toxic workplaces in the reproductive health, rights, and justice fields

TweetSteph Herold has a brave and necessary piece at The Abortion Gang today about the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement’s dirty secret: we’re full of organizations that are toxic places to work. A co-worker once told me that in her 10+ years of working in the reproductive health field, her peers in other movements [...]
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It’s Equal Pay Day: A Round-Up of Reads

Tweet It’s Equal Pay Day, y’all! We’ve got a round-up of  reads and other tidbits to check out: David Futrelle has a pretty comprehensive rebuttal to any of those wage gap “mythers” you may come across today. Transgriot reminds us that the wage gap for women of color and trans women makes 77 cents look [...]
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Rep. Steve King proves how much he sucks….again

TweetRep. Steve King (R-IA) really sucks.  Apparently, when he’s not ranting about Muslims, he’s suggesting a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” approach for the workplace.  Because you know that worked out great for the military (eyeroll). Currently, there is no federal protection for LGBT employees to prevent being terminated from their job because of their sexual [...]
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Class-action discrimination lawsuits after Wal-Mart

Originally posted in Community Blog

TweetBy Amanda Dysart & Ariela Migdal, ACLU Women’s Rights Project Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit hears oral argument in Davis v. Cintas, one of the first nationwide class action discrimination cases to be argued since the Supreme Court issued its decision in Wal-Mart Stores v. Dukes last June. The [...]
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