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Reminder: Health care reform is good for women

TweetOn the second day of Supreme Court hearings on the health care reform law, which is now apparently officially known as Obamacare, things are not looking good for people who believe everyone deserves health care. Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said, “This was a train wreck for the Obama administration. This law looks like it’s going [...]
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Snatchels and sarcasm: Using humor to fight back against anti-choice politicians

TweetIf you, like me, have been inspired by the recent spate of satirical bills proposed by pro-choice state legislators, but are looking for something equally clever you, as a regular citizen, can do to mock the recent attacks on reproductive rights, here are a couple ideas. Send your anti-choice representative a knit vagina so he [...]
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Senate to vote tomorrow on whether your boss can dictate your health care coverage

TweetTomorrow, the Senate is expected to vote on the Blunt amendment, which, as we’ve reported, would “allow any employer to exclude any health service coverage by claiming that it violates their religious or moral convictions.” Birth control? HIV treatment? Maternity care? Whateves. Republican supporters are saying it isn’t that big a deal–that it’s just the [...]
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“God wouldn’t have given women tummy-pockets if he didn’t want babies swimming around in them!”

TweetLet the great Ron Swanson–I mean, Nick Offerman–and some other late-middle-aged men explain why they know best when it comes to women’s reproductive health. Women’s Health Experts Speak Out from Judd Nelson Transcript after the jump via Shakesville. Tweet
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Texas willing to throw 130,000 poor women under the bus to stick it to Planned Parenthood

TweetVia KYBOOMU, it seems that Texas, in its stubborn quest to deny funding to Planned Parenthood, is willing to sacrifice an effective and much-needed program that provides reproductive health care to 130,000 thousand low-income women. Last year, the Texas legislature passed a law making it illegal for the state to provide Medicaid funds to any [...]
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