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When I stay out too late with feminists at the Makers red carpet premiere…

Tweet …and I can barely blog, but I sure can rock some sunnies. Last night I went to the premiere of Makers. Makers is a documentary about the American women’s movement. It’s also a video library that hopes to be the largest video library of women’s stories ever collected. Spending the night hanging out with bad-ass [...]
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Why every woman should vote tomorrow

Tweet This is just one of many crucial stats Mother Jones has put together (in poster form) for why the ladies need to GOTV this year. A few more stats:  1 in 4 voting age women is single 60 percent of female voters in swing states say birth control is very important in this election [...]
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Send a copy of Our Bodies Ourselves to every member of Congress

TweetClearly, some of them need it. Seems we have some members of Congress who couldn’t pass seventh grade Biology, and yet, they’re still allowed to write and pass legislation that gets all up in women’s… business. So, the smart people over at Our Bodies, Ourselves have started a campaign to get a copy of their [...]
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Notes from a bitch…pondering what was missing from the debate…

TweetLet’s jump right on in, shall we? Women could decide the outcome of the 2012 General Election. You know it, I know it, and odds are the candidates know it too. But last night, two candidates and one sorta-moderator managed to talk for 90 minutes straight in a domestic policy debate without discussing women’s reproductive [...]
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New Romney ad geared toward women is a joke

TweetIt just gets better. This election season has been like a bloopers reel for a real election, as Romney’s “strategy” unfolds before us. Let’s put aside that in the last two days alone he said half the country is a bunch of ungrateful serfs and said that there is “no hope for Palestine,” his continued attempt [...]
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