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Flashers, sexual violence, and racism: SNL’s new cast member, Sasheer Zamata, takes on serious issues

TweetJoining the cast of Saturday Night Live, Sasheer Zamata will become the first African-American woman to grace the show in six years. You mean there are actually funny people who are simultaneously female and African American? Who knew? (Not SNL, apparently.) It’s truly mind-blowing! Where did SNL find this person? Really, though, SNL got the memo that their lack of diversity–which Syreeta and Juliana have written [...]
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The Feministing Five: Bonnie McFarlane

TweetIt’s 2013 yet the ever-pervasive myth that women aren’t funny persists. Men like the late Christopher Hitchens, who wrote the piece “Why Women Aren’t Funny” in Vanity Fair, and comedian Adam Carolla (if you could call what he does comedy) have ensured that this absurd notion has remained throughout time. Thanks to Bonnie McFarlane’s new [...]
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Guest post: Why you should save your nickels for this year’s Women in Comedy Festival

TweetLane Moore is a comedian and writer for The Onion, Jezebel, and Ms. Magazine. You can and should follow her on Twitter at @hellolanemoore. You know how people are always talking about women in comedy? Like, all the time. Like, CONSTANTLY. Like, they weren’t really doing it before so now gender is something we have [...]
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Guest post: Slate writers’ defense of Bridesmaids misses the mark

TweetThis is a guest post by Silpa Kovvali. In response to my recent post about the prevalence of tired stereotypes in the comedy Bridesmaids, Double X’s Amanda Marcotte writes:  The recent explosion of prominent women in comedy has brought with it an unfortunate but predictable debate about whether or not the characters that have resulted [...]
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