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Are there too many white men in the White House?

TweetAfter The New York Times ran the above photo alongside the headline, “Obama’s Remade Inner Circle Has an All-Male Look, So Far,” the media jumped on the narrative that President Obama is surrounding himself with white guys to the dismay of the diverse coalition who elected him to office. While it’s certainly true his first [...]
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Obama taps gay Latino poet for 2nd inauguration

TweetSometimes good news comes with bad news.  First the bad, which is the rather disappointing news that an anti-gay preacher will give the benediction at President Obama’s 2nd inauguration. Back in the mid-1990s Pastor Louie Giglio promoted that ex-gay therapy nonsense and railed against homosexuality in sermons.  You would think after Pastor Rick Warren, the [...]
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Top 10 Best Political Jokes from the White House Correspondents Dinner

TweetSaturday night’s White House Correspondents Dinner was chock-full-o corny jokes and problematic jokes (like “fat” jokes about Chris Christie– as if there aren’t substantive things to make fun of the Governor for). But there were some great moments that were both funny and meaningful from President Barack Obama and Jimmy Kimmel. Here’s a video compilation [...]
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Can technology help prevent sexual assault and dating violence on college campuses?

TweetThe White House is hoping so. They’ve launched a challenge in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services and Vice President Joe Biden encouraging developers to create a smartphone app that will help prevent sexual assault and dating violence on college campuses. Acknowledging the high rates of sexual assault among young college-aged women [...]
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White House to host first-ever meeting with trans activists

TweetTomorrow, the Office of Public Engagement at the White House is hosting a meeting with a number of transgender activists and leaders working on federal policy around trans issues — for the first time in American history. Via the Washington Blade: [White House spokesperson] Inouye said the meeting will be the first ever for the [...]
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