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The Wednesday Weigh-In: “Just One Of The Guys”

TweetSo, Jenny Lewis has a new video. The song is “Just One Of The Guys” and she dresses up a bunch of famous, pretty, feminine movie stars as dudes. Really, just watch it: I have so many questions. Tweet
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The Wednesday Weigh-In: Sexting, scandal, and the politics of respectability

TweetAs if you weren’t hearing enough about what kinds of sex you should like to have, this article happened today. In “Weiner’s Women”, self-declared feminist and secular humanist author Susan Jacoby asks incredulously why “hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of women apparently derive gratification from exchanging sexual talk and pictures with strangers” and decries [...]
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The Wednesday Weigh-In: How can we give young people better sex education?

TweetThis morning the Guardian hosted a kick-ass live panel discussion with technical experts, advocates, teachers, writers, and more (see details below) to talk about one thing: how can we give young people better sex education? This is a topic that comes up all the time on the blog because it is SO connected to, well, [...]
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The Wednesday Weigh-In: White working class masculinities

TweetJoseph Osmundson, a scientist and activist based in New York City, has penned an important and deeply personal piece for the Feminist Wire discussing the ways in which “working-class white men live their masculinities”. After sharing a story about trying out for the middle school basketball team in 7th grade and then crying when he saw [...]
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The Wednesday Weigh-In: Are female bloggers more ‘positive’ and ‘happy’?

TweetYou may not have heard of him prior to this week, but Felix Salmon is one of the most influential business writers in, well, the biz. He drew ire last week, including from prominent feminists such as Irin Carmon of Salon, for publishing the following comments in an essay on Maria Popova and her “blogonomics” [...]
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