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On trans issues within feminism and strengthening the movement’s gender analysis

TweetI’ve taken some time away from blogging while I’ve been in grad school, and it’s given me an opportunity for some perspective on the feminist blogosphere. I started working at Feministing in 2009 with a goal of centering trans issues within feminism. I think the oppression trans folks face, particularly the extreme marginalization and violence aimed [...]
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El Salvador denies woman a life-saving abortion

TweetUpdate: you can donate to Beatriz’s cause and help her pay her legal and medical fees here. In terrible news, the Supreme Court of El Salvador denied a 22-year old woman the abortion that could save her life on Wednesday.  “Beatriz,” the pseudonym for the 26-week pregnant woman, is 22 years-old, and has lupus and [...]
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Meet Alabama’s governor: an anti-choice, equal opportunity offender

TweetEarlier today I blogged about Alabama’s new bill which places major restrictions on abortion clinics. Well, meet the man who will sign this bill into law, the charming champion of the war on women, Governor, Robert Bentley. Bentley is not only the duly sworn chief executive of his state, but a licensed physician, who like [...]
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This week in abortion news

TweetBad News: Alabama passed a bill which pretends to be about protecting women but is actually aimed at shutting down abortion clinics on Tuesday. The governor has said he will sign the bill, ironically called the “Women’s Health and Safety Act,”  which requires that doctors preforming abortions be granted admitting privileges at local hospitals. Some of [...]
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Surprise! Another Republican says something offensive about rape (and there’s something you can do about it)

TweetWhat is it in the Republicans’ drinking water that makes it so hard for them to refrain from making offensive and ignorant comments about rape? And what is it that makes a party, which largely disavows science, think it can speak with any authority about anything related to science. Perhaps, we’ll never know. What we [...]
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