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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Tweet Students at the University of Michigan are launching a campaign to stop the “silent epidemic” of campus sexual assault. Akiba Solomon is Colorlines’ new managing editor. A history of “female-friendly” porn. Today’s news on voter suppression. Sometimes I hate Frank Bruni, but his objection to the Catholic Church’s misogynistic hypocrisy is spot-on. The Nation suggests ten ways you [...]
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Infographic: Trans voters and photo id laws

TweetAs E.J. Graff explores in her column over at the American Prospect, it’s pretty bizarre that we need to report our sex when we go to vote in the first place. “Why identify my sex [when I go to vote]?” Graff asks. “Would I get a different ballot?” The concept seems ridiculous until we realize [...]
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Today is National Voter Registration Day!

TweetVoter registration deadlines nationwide are fast approaching and the Obama campaign as well as 1,000 other organizations, including Facebook, Google, and Rolling Stone Magazine are making a major push online and off to register as many people as possible for the upcoming election. Below you will find a form to register to vote, if you [...]
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Notes from a bitch…my Caddy Pledge…

TweetI treat the right to vote like my father used to treat his beloved Cadillac. I drive it every chance I get and you are in a world of trouble if you touch it, much less try to take it from me. Unlike Daddy’s Caddy, the vote is not supposed to be a luxury item [...]
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Mitt Romney has no African American support

TweetA new NBC/WSJ poll released yesterday shows that Mitt Romney has 0 support among African American voters. Quel surprise. To be fair, however, Republicans have fared poorly with African American voters for decades and while the GOP in previous national electoral contests made modest efforts to reach out across the divide to African American voters [...]
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