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This “Daily Show” interview cost racist GOP official his job

TweetA Republican official resigned after The Daily Show aired an interview with him. He did call black people lazy. But anyone who calls him out clearly missed the part of the interview where he explained that one of his best friends is black. Tweet
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Texas’ voter ID law that could disenfranchise women voters targets trans voters in general

TweetApparently it’s Blog About “Show Us Your Papers” Laws Day at Feministing. Get it together America. Tweet
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Supreme Court strikes down key section of the Voting Rights Act

TweetThe Supreme Court today struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, which determines which states must have their approach to voting cleared by the federal government. These states have a bad track record with with people of color and non-English speakers’ rights to vote. From Colorlines: The currently covered areas are places that [...]
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Infographic: Trans voters and photo id laws

TweetAs E.J. Graff explores in her column over at the American Prospect, it’s pretty bizarre that we need to report our sex when we go to vote in the first place. “Why identify my sex [when I go to vote]?” Graff asks. “Would I get a different ballot?” The concept seems ridiculous until we realize [...]
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Mitt Romney has no African American support

TweetA new NBC/WSJ poll released yesterday shows that Mitt Romney has 0 support among African American voters. Quel surprise. To be fair, however, Republicans have fared poorly with African American voters for decades and while the GOP in previous national electoral contests made modest efforts to reach out across the divide to African American voters [...]
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