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Domestic violence survivor: “I was shot with my own gun.”

TweetDespite what conservatives want people to think, as I’ve written before, guns are not rape prevention tools, and they also make it more dangerous for people who are suffering at the hands of the domestic abuser. Statistics show that guns don’t make you safer in domestic abuse situations. They actually have the opposite effect: abusers [...]
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New study shows 76% of women have never been asked about domestic violence in a medical exam

TweetA new national study done by the Verizon Foundation and More Magazine reveals that 76 percent of women say they have never been asked about domestic violence in a medical exam. And while 44 percent of women experience domestic violence, doctors seems to be overlooking a critical detail in their patient’s physical well being. Domestic violence [...]
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“Dear Prudence” columnist publishes rape denialism manifesto advising women to “stop getting drunk”

Tweet Emily Yoffe aka Slate advice columnist “Prudence” is a rape denialist. We’ve known this for years because she repeatedly denies clear instances of rape in her advice column. But until she published this morning’s rape denialism manifesto on Slate, lamenting that a “misplaced fear of blaming the victim has made it somehow unacceptable” to warn women of the [...]
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New report claims that Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro may not have committed suicide

TweetCleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro may not have committed suicide after all.  Castro, 53, was found hanging in his cell last month after being sent to prison for life after holding three women hostage for nearly a decade. Via ABC News: Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro may have died from auto-erotic asphyxiation, not suicide, and two prison [...]
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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

TweetBy Katie and Juliana One pharmacist responds to rape and violence against women in India by creating a self-defense ring, which releases a chemical that causes a debilitating burning sensation. Depressingly not surprisingly, women, especially women of color, remain underpaid. Coincidentally, on a totally related note, a survey reveals that only 57% of women (compared [...]
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