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Watch this video of awesome 11-year-old cellist Sujari Brit

TweetHere’s some inspiration to start your week via Colorlines. Meet 11-year-old cellist Sujari Brit, who is apparently as eloquent as she is talented at playing the cello. I haven’t been able to locate a transcript yet, so would be grateful if someone left one in the comments! Tweet
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Watch Alexandra speak out against Serena WIlliams’ victim-blaming Steubenville comment

Tweet But first please ignore the victim-blamey framing of the video (No, Serena doesn’t “have a point about responsibility,” HuffPo). And learn more about the campaign Alexandra helped launch to stop sexual violence. Tweet
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This feminist makeup tutorial parody is pitch- perfect

TweetIn case you haven’t seen this making its way around the internet, this feminist makeup tutorial parody is pitch perfect. Featuring gems such as “Next we’re going to use a light foundation. Make sure you give every part of your face a fair and equal amount of representation, unlike the government and prime time television.” [...]
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Truth Takes Time – a QueerFemme Translady Story

TweetThis animated short tells the story of a young trans girl who other people won’t let be a girl, and her journey to living on her own terms. A warning that it’s a tear jerker – Ellie Krnich’s picture book animation style brings me right back to childhood. The short is a personal, intimate story [...]
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A simple guide to handling a drunk girl passed out on your couch

TweetFound a drunk girl passed out on your couch? Unsure of what to do in this situation? Here’s a quick instructional video. This guide is applicable for people of any gender and may be adjusted as needed in other locations. Consent: not very difficult. But apparently some kids aren’t getting the message, so that’s got to [...]
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