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Vagina, vagina, vagina!

Tweet Tim McDaniel, a 10th-grade science teacher in Dietrich, Idaho, is being investigated by the Idaho State Board of Education for “possible controversial lesson content.” The content? Sex ed. The reason it’s being taught in science class? Because the school’s health teacher isn’t comfortable teaching students about birth control and STDs. “Since I started working [...]
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Michigan’s lame duck Senate passes legislation that would effectively ban abortion

TweetRemember Michigan’s Chubby Hubby of anti-choice legislation that Chloe wrote about in June? Except instead of a whole bunch of delicious things rolled into one yummy ice cream, it’s a whole bunch of shitty anti-choice measures rolled into one awful bill. At the risk of sounding like Stefon, this bill has everything: state-mandated scripts for doctors [...]
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Jon Stewart talks vagina

TweetLast night, The Daily Show took on the GOP’s War on Women and more specifically, its War on Vaginas. Last week, Michigan Democratic legislators Reps. Barb Byrum and Lisa Brown (W. Bloomfield) responded to a bill limiting access to abortion with a provision that would limit men’s access to vasectomies. While addressing the house, Brown said: “I’m flattered that [...]
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Michigan State Rep. Lisa Brown on religious freedom and vagina

Tweet (Transcript after the jump.) Yesterday in Michigan, before the Chubby Hubby of anti-choice bills passed the House, Rep. Lisa Brown spoke for the many pro-choice advocates who were silenced in debate. She then offered a very different take on religious freedom from the one we typically hear in US politics. Jewish law requires therapeutic [...]
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Kate Beckinsale wants the GOP in her vagina

TweetThe great thing about the scary, reactionary, time-traveling policies the Republicans are advocating, is that it provides a lot of comedic fodder. Funny or Die has another video on the subject of the GOP’s obsession with controlling vaginas. The video stars Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage. See why these women want Republicans ”way, way deep, up [...]
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