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Dream 9 exposing horrifying conditions in immigration detention

TweetLast week, the Dream 9 crossed the border from Mexico into the United States in broad daylight by a border patrol station in Nogales. Their intention was to infiltrate and organize the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona, as well as to petition to return to their longtime homes in the United States on the grounds [...]
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Reproductive justice, marriage equality, and undocumented youth: The racial politics of movement success

TweetAs a queer, immigrant Latina and a woman of reproductive age, last week caused me to have basically all the feelings. Between Supreme Court decisions that heavily undercut the rights of communities of color and those that expand marriage rights for queer folks; between Texans rising up against a package of anti-choice measures and the [...]
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Undocumented youth demand the New York DREAM Act

Tweet Yesterday, I was part of an action coordinated by the New York State Youth Leadership Council, and undocumented youth-led organization, to demand that Governor Cuomo prioritize the passage of the New York State DREAM Act. The Act would give undocumented young people access to state financial aid, which is crucial to education access in [...]
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Hospitals are deporting undocumented immigrants while they are unconscious

TweetThis is really sickening. The AP is out with an incredible report detailing the stories of undocumented immigrants who were deported by American hospitals, while they were unconscious. Two of the immigrants profiled, Jacinto Cruz and Jose Rodriguez-Saldana, were unlucky enough to be involved in car accidents and their punishment was being flown to Mexico while still [...]
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