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What We Missed.

TweetJay Leno’s oral sex joke about Christine O’Donnell is really not that funny. Take action at Name it Change it. On the “science” of sexism. Sarah Palin is still claiming that health care reform will expand access to abortion. Dana Goldstein on why she is wrong. amanda hess on ‘sum pussie,’ energy drink. For real. [...]
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Cardio Confessions and Revved Up Reflections on Domestic Violence

TweetIn honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month we have a guest post from Rachel Griffin who you can learn more about from her Feministing Five interview. Rachel Alicia Griffin, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech Communication at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. I confess. I am an academic scholar who reads [...]
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The Means to Speak for Themselves: Sex Workers in India Respond to Flawed “Prostitutes of God” Film

Tweet“In the age of the internet, women in countries far away who used to be the objects of white people’s gaze with no right of reply now have access to the representations that are made of them, and the technological means to answer back.” -Statement by VAMP, part of the Indian organization SANGRAM, a grassroots organization [...]
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Fight Choice. Cause Babies Are “Born To Ride”

Tweet Had to share this gem of a billboard spotted while riding through north Brooklyn with Audacia Ray over the weekend. Just so yall know, women shouldn’t have autonomy over their own bodies because some tiny babies were born 2 ride motorcycles. Duh! Vroom Vrooom! Tweet
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I love me some Tim Gunn.

TweetNo. Really. Love. This is part of the “It gets better,” video campaign started by Dan Savage and his partner Terry. Also, check out Sarah Silverman on gay bullying and Rosie Perez on why NY needs to pass gay marriage. Tweet
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