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New Favorite Tumblr: Confused Cats Against Feminism

TweetDepressed, disturbed, almost-but-not-quite-amused by the “Women Against Feminism” phenomenon and Tumblr? There’s an antidote for that: Confused Cats against Feminism. Like many of the women featured on the Women Against Feminism Tumblr, these cats don’t seem to really get what feminism is. Here are some great ones. Upload your own images. I would. But I [...]
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New Favorite Tumblr: Make Me a Sandwich Bitch

TweetGo Team Public Accountability! A new Tumblr, Make Me a Sandwich Bitch, is collecting some Twitter gems from dudes who want you to fulfill your womanly duty and put some food between two pieces of bread. Bitch. I have mixed feelings about the juxtaposition of sandwich tweets with evidence of the authors’ lackluster social lives [...]
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New Favorite Tumblr: Flip The News

TweetCheck out Flip The News, a tumblr that flips the gender or race of the subjects in news articles. The site explains, “The point here is to shine some light on the way news organizations write about people and strive for more balanced, respectful narratives.” In one of the first posts, the author gender-flips this [...]
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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet Autostraddle takes on misogyny within butch communities. Feminists aren’t the ones who think all men are rapists. Rapists are. An open letter to Eve Ensler. 17-year-old girl wins hackathon. Angela Davis and Lennox Hinds denounce the FBI for naming Assata Shakur a “Most Wanted Terrorist.” Why the hunt for Shakur matters. Cosponsor the Employment [...]
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New Tumblr watch: 100 Percent Men

TweetThe 100 Percent Men Tumblr serves up a depressing sampling of “boys clubs” in areas of leadership, business, publishing, the arts, you name it. It’s a high-impact visual reminder of just how bro-tastic the world still is–and motivation to keep working to shake down the patriarchy all over the globe. Tweet
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