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Map of the Day: Texas’s disappearing abortion clinics

TweetAs the extreme anti-choice restrictions passed last year in Texas continue to force clinics to shut their doors, RH Reality Check has put together a map tracking the closures.  Tweet
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Provision to Ohio budget could tighten abortion restrictions

TweetIt only took a day to blow my Wendy Davis high. Attacks on women’s access to abortion are happening in Ohio. In the process of passing a state budget, Ohio Republicans added a provision at the last minute that would require the following: “…a doctor to use external medical means – likely an abdominal ultrasound [...]
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New TRAP laws force Virginia abortion clinic to close after 40 years of service

TweetEarlier this month, the Virginia Board of Health voted 11 to 2 for new, irrational regulations on abortion clinics in the state, which many reproductive health and justice advocates correctly noted were intended not to make clinics safer for patients but to effectively erode access to abortion care in the state. This weekend, the effects [...]
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Another temporary win for Mississippi’s only abortion clinic

TweetYesterday the judge who holds the power to shut down Mississippi’s only abortion clinic said he’d extend the temporary block on the new TRAP law, while he continues to decide whether to grant a preliminary injunction. As Vanessa noted when the law was first blocked earlier this month, the judge is more than a little [...]
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Mississippi judge blocks law that would shut down only abortion clinic in the state

Tweet As you may have heard recently, legislators in Mississippi were successful in passing a TRAP law designed to put the only abortion clinic in the state out of business, making it the first state in the union to have no access to legal and safe abortion care. The good news is that yesterday, the day it [...]
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