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McDonnell signs Virginia ultrasound bill

TweetDespite tremendous outcry, all over the internet and on the steps of the Virginia capital–woman-hater Gov. Bob McDonnell has signed the ultrasound bill in Virginia into law. If you are seeking an abortion in Virginia you are required to have an ultrasound. And they may have backed down from making a transvaginal ultrasound mandatory–but there [...]
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Riot Police Arrest 31 Protestors against Forced Ultrasound

Tweet Photo via The Hook Yesterday, riot police were sent in to handle a group of non-violent demonstrators protesting Virginia’s newly passed forced ultrasound bill. This kindler, gentler violation is over the belly and not through the vagina. Police arrested 31 people, some of whose trials started today. Here are some moving photos and video [...]
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New rule for vaginaphobes: if you can’t say it, you can’t probe it!

TweetWhy is it that the same people who want to get all up into women’s vaginas shudder at the mention of the word vagina and are unable to actually say it? I guess the answer is obvious; the same people who are sadistic enough to make a woman undergo an invasive medically¬†unnecessary procedure whose only [...]
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Shorter VA Governor: Women Should be Violated over Belly, not through Vagina

TweetThe overt is often more dangerous than the covert. As many predicted, implementing the rape of women with ultrasounds and probes is not politically savvy. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, who had initially promised to sign the bill requiring women to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound before terminating a pregnancy has had a change of heart. Today, [...]
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Meghan McCain: “Pro Life” AND Scared Sh*tless of Vaginal Probing

Tweet Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy (start watching at 11:12) The vaginal probing bill should scare everyone and anyone who opposes, well, rape. Sadly, there are some out there, at least in Virginia, who vote for rape. And there are some politicians, at least in Virginia, who say [...]
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