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Study suggests women take decline in social status better then men

TweetThis study published in the UK suggests that women deal better with decline in social or financial losses. The study seems to have several flaws(like suggesting that one reason is because women look to successful family life instead of career success for happiness) and should not be generalized outside of its sample population, but I [...]
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Anti-Choice Feminists = (Oxy)morons?

TweetThe Chicago Tribune has a half-assed assessment of the “breadth” of modern feminism. They use three examples to represent the spectrum of feminist organizations: Concerned Women for America (“bringing Biblical principles to public policy”), Feminists for Life (“Refuse to Choose”), and the Feminist Majority (“working for women’s equality”). The Tribune took up the topic presumably [...]
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Check it.

Tweet You must check out this awesome online magazine, The F-Word, just launched by a Women’s Studies major from Temple University, Melody Berger. The magazine’s audience? Teens and young women. The very first issue has just been completed, and now open for viewers to read. It has a ridiculous amount of kick-ass essays, articles, and [...]
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End of Feminism’s 3rd Wave?

TweetThis is an article published in Ms. a while ago, but I just came across it and wanted to get some feeback. It is written by Lisa Jervis, the co-founder of Bitch magazine and she talks about what she considers a dated term–”wave” when refering to feminist activism and thought. She believes that in our [...]
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A Feminist Take on the War

TweetIf you’re interested in learning about a feminist perspective on the war in Iraq, check out Cynthia Enloe’s work. I was lucky enough to see her speak at the Institute for Research and Women’s annual conference at University at Albany last week titled, “Making Feminist Sense in the War in Iraq”. One part of Enloe’s [...]
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