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What is Feminism Anyway?

TweetThe New Statesman, a great current affairs magazine and online presence out of the UK, asked feministing to post a series on, well, feminism and gender theory. Their Faith Column features a new person each week elucidating why they care deeply about a particular spiritual or intellectual philosophy. So this week, it’s me, and I’m [...]
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A word on intersectionality, comment moderation and our love for Jessica.

TweetI write this entry with a broken heart. The cumulative effect of hatred spewed via the internet inevitably bogs you down. In light of the conversations surrounding Jessica’s book, I just wanted to touch on some of the issues that have come up. I am going to admit first and foremost, I haven’t read all [...]
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Intersectionality and the politics of white feminism.

TweetBlac(k)ademic has a very articulate post up about a comment that she received when guest-blogging at Alas, A Blog and in my eyes really brings out how mainstream feminism is in fact still dominated by whiteness, despite so much work done by feminists of color, third world/black feminists and anti-racist white feminists. Mainstream understandings of [...]
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Women and men wired differently.

TweetYou know because we are robots. No but really, a new study has found that women and men are neurologically different and thus feel emotions differently. Because we need more studies to support this hypothesis, really… The study focused on activity in the amygdala, a cluster of neurons found on both sides of the brain [...]
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What is in a name?

TweetApparently there has been a little upswing in the number of women that have decided to go back to taking their husband’s name upon marriage. Interesting? “Adopting a husband’s last name remains an entrenched tradition that is on the upswing, despite a temporary blip in the ’70s, ’80s and early ’90s where many young women [...]
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