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Thank You Wednesday: The writers and readers of Feministing

TweetI couldn’t wait until tomorrow and make it a Thank You Thursday. I am full to bursting with gratitude, and it could cause me serious bodily harm if I were to keep it in for an extra day just for the sake of alliteration. More than four years ago, at the 2010 Feministing annual retreat [...]
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Thank You Thursdays: The Supreme Court strikes down harmful anti-prostitution pledge

TweetFor years, the United States has endorsed an explicitly discriminatory policy against sex workers. PEPFAR, our international HIV/AIDS aid policy, contains an anti-prostitution pledge requirement stating that no funds “may be used to provide assistance to any group or organization that does not have a policy explicitly opposing prostitution and sex trafficking.” In practice, this [...]
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Thank You Thursdays: On Being

TweetMy later twenties were characterized by a lot of wandering and wondering about ethical, religious, and philanthropic issues. My questions–How does one live the most ethical life in contemporary America? How can I bring my daily choices more in line with my most deeply held values? How can I be, not just right, but effective [...]
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Thank You Thursdays: Ann Friedman

Tweet A few months ago, one of our veteran bloggers, the inimitable Ann Friedman, stepped down as an editor at Feministing to take the prestigious and kick-ass role of Executive Editor at GOOD Magazine. While Ann’s blogging petered down over the years, we would be remiss not to reflect on the tremendous presence she was at Feministing [...]
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Thank You Thursdays: Courtney E. Martin

TweetNormally, Courtney is the one writing thank you Thursdays, because this column was her idea. Why, you may ask? Because that is what Courtney Martin does–she gives gratitude. Well, this Thursday it’s time to send some of that love her way. Many of you have probably grown accustomed to Courtney’s compassionate and genuine style of blogging over [...]
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