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Breaking News: Federal judge declares Texas abortion restrictions unconstitutional

Tweet Some good news on the abortion access front today: a judge has ruled that new abortion restrictions in Texas are unconstitutional and will not go into affect Tuesday: Tweet
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Quick hit: A template for writing about Wendy Davis

TweetHave you read any articles discussing Wendy Davis’ gubernatorial candidacy in Texas? They seem to follow a mold. Tweet
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Support Wendy Davis’ campaign for Texas governor!

Tweet Last week, feminist filibustering shero, badass former teen mama, and Texas state representative announced that she is running for Governor of Texas in 2014. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot, Davis’ expected opponent – a strongly anti-choice one at that – already has a ton of campaign funding, and it’s really important that Wendy Davis [...]
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Wendy Davis is running for Texas governor!

TweetUpdated: We’ve been hoping for and anticipating this news for a while, but it’s finally here: Wendy Davis just announced that she is running for Texas governor: “Thirty-two years ago, I walked across this stage, the granddaughter of farmers from Muleshoe, Texas, who could only afford to rent the land they farmed,” Davis said at [...]
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Rick Perry publicly scolds wife for falling out of line on abortion rights

TweetWe all know where Rick Perry stands on abortion (and how hypocritical that stance has proven to be). He’s earned our scornful GIFs and been rejected from national office, in part due to how extreme and conservative his views are on issues like abortion and gay marriage. And while he’s spoken about the delight he feels in pissing off [...]
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