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Under GOP pressure, University of Tennessee yanks funding for LGBT-friendly Sex Week

TweetTennessee is not known for being a sex-positive state. Many school systems choose, in fact, to outsource their high school “sex ed” to vaguely religious abstinence-only programs like Just Wait. We were revealed as one of the most hostile states to LGBT students when state senator Stacey Campfield of Knoxville expressed his support of the [...]
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Tennessee bill would expose identities of abortion providers and possibly patients

TweetRemember how anti-choice domestic terrorist group Operation Rescue created an online database of abortion providers across the country, leaving a terrifying opening for anti-choice harassment and violence? Well, it looks like legislators in Tennessee are trying to make the process easier for antis by making it a legal requirement: The latest salvo in the abortion [...]
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Proposed bill in Tennessee would essentially legalize anti-LGBTQ bullying

TweetNo joke. Former Republican Senator David Fowler is pushing the Tennessee legislature to take up a new bill he’s proposed that would create a loophole in the current anti-bullying policies in the state that would — rather than protect students from being bullied — protect students’ right to bully. TPM reports: The proposed bill would [...]
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Tennessee Senate passes “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

TweetNot an Onion headline, people. Via Unicorn Booty, we find that a proposed bill that would make it illegal to use the word “gay” or “homosexuality” or discuss topics about being gay in Tennessee schools passed the Senate yesterday. Via Think Progress: The bill would prohibit teachers from discussing of any sexuality except heterosexuality in [...]
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