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Mad Men Midweek Fix: A Little Kiss

TweetAs we have in the past, during the fifth season of Mad Men Feministing writers will offer some of our thoughts on feminist moments, scenes, and themes in the new episodes in order to start a discussion about these topics in our community. *WARNING: Lots of spoilers follow. And now, our thoughts on the season [...]
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Melissa Harris-Perry talks “War on Women” and Beyonce

TweetI recently interviewed Professor Melissa Harris-Perry for Loop21.com and she dished on everything from intersectionality to Beyonce.  Melissa Harris-Perry‘s show (by the same name) has been such a breath of fresh air on the cable news landscape.  They’ve had a wide array of segments that will surely attract different swaths of viewing audiences. It’s important for [...]
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Guest post: the good, the bad and the boring of “Life’s Too Short”

TweetThis guest post is by Emily Sullivan Sanford , who blogs at Painting on Scars. Emily has achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. She lives in Berlin, where she writes and speaks about disability and equality. Check out her previous guest post, too! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Art complicates politics because [...]
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“Work It” Cancelled After Two Shows

TweetABC’s entertainment chief must have experienced the world’s most rapid education over the weekend. Although just last week he publicly declared that he didn’t “get” complaints made by transgender people about the network’s new sitcom “Work It”, it seems that media activists, critics, and a disgruntled general public somehow made him see the light- The [...]
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Pilot for new Black drug wives reality show in production

TweetDeep sigh. I’ve written before about my disdain for reality television. Particularly offensive is reality television that portrays grown women as if they are petty, violent, and gossipy high school girls. Basketball Wives on VH1 is damaging to the psyche of young women in that it promotes wealth over values and the superficial over substance. [...]
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