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Yet another sexual violence scandal at the Australian Defence Force Academy

TweetEarlier this year, as you might recall, a scandal broke at the Australian Defence Force Academy: several male cadets were disciplined for filming a consensual sex act between two of their peers and distributing, without the consent of the woman in question, via Skype. Today news broke of yet another sexual assault or harassment scandal [...]
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Can technology help prevent sexual assault and dating violence on college campuses?

TweetThe White House is hoping so. They’ve launched a challenge in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services and Vice President Joe Biden encouraging developers to create a smartphone app that will help prevent sexual assault and dating violence on college campuses. Acknowledging the high rates of sexual assault among young college-aged women [...]
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Social Media Pregnancies – Where to Draw the Line?

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TweetIf you’re like me, chances are by the age of 28 that you’ve had a few female friends announce on Facebook that they’re pregnant by posting early sonograms, a progression of baby bump photos and enthusiastic updates for nine months. And let’s not forget about the eery 3-D sonograms showing a nearly full-term baby weeks [...]
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Not Oprah’s Book Club: Next Generation Democracy

TweetThe announcement of Obama’s official campaign for re-election yesterday came a few days after I’d turned the last page on Jared Duval’s compelling book, Next Generation Democracy: What the Open-Source Revolution Means for Power, Politics, and Change. As a result, I feel like I’m looking–not just at Obama–but at the entire political process in an [...]
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Why the “Cure Gays” App Should Never Have Been Approved by Apple

Tweet Apple removed an iPhone app from its App Store this morning that claims to “cure” homosexuality after coming under fire for approving the controversial app. The app had previously received a 4 rating from Apple, which is meant to indicate it contains “no objectionable material” according to Slashdot. While many rushed to condemn the [...]
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