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Weekly Feminist Reader

TweetThree teens have been arrested for raping Audrie Potts, who killed herself in September. Check back in for more on Potts tomorrow from Maya. Janet Mock is the Racialicious Crush of the Week! “Girls — and later women — decide not to run for office because they don’t want to be unlikeable, not because they [...]
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Congress actually does their job and passes the fiscal cliff deal, but that doesn’t mean it’s a win

TweetLate last night the House of Representatives passed the Senate’s final version of the deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. Incredibly, we’ve reached the point where getting House Republicans to actually do their damn job almost looks like a victory. After behaving like petulant, tea partying children to keep the legislation from passing just [...]
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Nikki Haley’s funding cuts to sexual assault and DV programs overturned

Tweet Last week, Nikki Haley got overzealous with her desire for Tea Party style cuts to the South Carolina budget. While, we all want to save money, she was shortsighted in the kinds of services she was cutting including almost half a million dollars of cuts to domestic violence crisis management and sexual assault prevention [...]
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Tax-funded CPC’s now hiring: Christians only need apply

Tweet With the news that 1 in 2 recent grads are jobless or underemployed, I’m sure many of you are job-hunting or know someone who is. Well, look no further yall! I hear there are some lovely CPCs that are hiring. They are taxpayer funded and can offer you or your job-seeking buds a sure-to-be [...]
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Why I would pay more taxes

Tweet Via tmblg It’s tax day, that annual event which many folks gripe about–having to decipher complicated tax codes and documents, and sometimes, paying more to Uncle Sam. It’s also a particularly pertinent tax day amidst conversations about a growing deficit and severe budget cuts across the board nationally. It’s also a time of the [...]
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